2016 BET Awards - Red Carpet Highlights

The 2016 BET Awards Red Carpet was on fire this year and I’ve selected just a few of my favorite styles to highlight.



I loved Jedinna’s African print look, it was great and very fashionable. This style highly inspired me to step outside the box a bit more, try new things and to think differently. Kicking off the summer with this look is a great way to start a trend.

anderson paak

With Anderson Paak's look, the touch of gold gave it a modern and truly classic vibe. I feel like Anderson knew exactly what pieces to pull together. Like I said, it was a very classic and timeless look that was very perfect for this award show. From the details in Anderson'ss jacket to his tweed pants, the little particulars really caught my eye even with such a small color palette.

Anderson Paak

French Montana

French Montana

French Montana always brings forward something cool and new to the red carpet, so when I first saw him, I wasn’t surprised that he did it again! French’s look gave me an urban China vibe. I was really interested in this look because he made me want to wear it myself. The way his style was paired with the perfect shoe set off a completely flawless look.

Terrence Howard

I really saw Terrence Howard's all-white look to be very chic but I believe he could have spiced it up just bit by adding a fun and cool accessory, possibly a bow tie. Our Mo's Bow Feeling Good bow tie would have really pushed Terrance's look right outside of the box. A pop of color can let everyone know that you're willing to have a little fun with your style.

Terrench Howard

Mo's Bows #Classof2016

We'd like to present to you the Mo's Bows Memphis ‪#‎Classof2016‬ & say congratulations to everyone who has reached an important milestone in their life- whether it be preschool or grad school!

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2015 Community Associations Institute Conference

Part of being a CEO means LOTS of travel. But the fun part of being a CEO is LOTS of travel!

Last week, mom and I went to Las Vegas with Union Bank for the Community Associations Institute Conference. The purpose of their organization is to ‘inspire professionalism, effective leadership and responsible citizenship.

Not only did I get to fit tons of new people with ties my spring collection, Union Bank donated $500 toward my Go Mo Scholarship Fund! In between making sure everyone looked good, mom and I also got a chance to have a little fun. I’ve never been to Vegas before and our stay at Caesars Palace was AWESOME!

Huge thanks to Union Bank and everyone who stopped by! For more pictures from our trip, visit my Facebook page.

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Mo's Cool Kids

In a recent Facebook post, I shared a cool article from BrownBoyGenius that featured me and my company.

It got me to thinking about the number of other kids in the world who are doing awesome things, but don’t always get the recognition they deserve. So, when I shared the article with you guys, I asked you to nominate a kid who was doing cool things. The response was great! Below are a handful of kids I’d like to recognize simply for being awesome:

Awesome Kids


Sierra is a model who uses her platform to speak out against bullying and to advocate for children with special needs.

YACK (Young Cotton Candy)

YACK was started by three siblings as a way to teach them how to have work ethic. ‘After being created, it became a source of contributions to nonprofit organizations. During 2014, YACK donated over $5,000 to charities and nonprofit organizations.’

Nakayla Hill

Nakayla runs a blog called Modest Chiq that encourages other girls.


Teacher Treats Store: Kiya is a cool kid right here in my hometown of Memphis! Kiya runs a business called Teacher Treats Store, and makes goodies for educators. She’s so awesome at honoring teachers, she was even recognized by the school board.


Kayla is an all-star! Not only is she a straight A student, gymnast and volleyball star, she also stands up for what is right. She hopes to one day study criminal justice and become a lawyer.

Special mention to my fellow CEO friends

Joshua’s Heart Foundation
Lil Ice Cream Dude
Mr. Cory
Kid President

But wait, there’s one more...

When I was going through the nominations, there was one kid who REALLY stood out: Chef Jeremiah James.

Jeremiah has been cooking his own custom creations since he was a young boy, and has become an amazing teen chef. Not only does he excel academically, Jeremiah continues to expand his skills and business.

Jeremiah, from one teen entrepreneur to another: WELL DONE!! To congratulate Jeremiah on his success, he will receive a bow tie from my new Spring Collection. After all, when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good….you do awesome things.

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Following your dreams: Convo with Mr. Glenn Harmon

Being a teen CEO is hard work, but I'm always inspired to keep going when my fans and supporters reach out to me.

A couple of weeks ago I got a message from Mr. Glenn Harmon, a story artist for DreamWorks Animation. Yes --THAT DreamWorks Animation! He was so inspired by Mo's Bows, he sketched this awesome photo of me!! Mr. Harmon was kind enough to do a short interview, and here's what I learned:

1.What inspired you to do the the sketch?

Like millions of fans I was first introduced to Mo's Bows through this great show, Shark Tank. Instantly I was struck the charisma and optimism in this kid's eyes. Mo was so young and yet so uncharacteristically focused on his business goals that couldn't help but believe in him and route for his success. Time went on and I saw an episode of Shark Tank where they did an update of his company's success. It was then that I pulled out the caricature skills and tried to capture that optimism and charm that won me and so many people over. I'm simply a fan!

2. How old were you when you first started drawing?

Like any kid, I drew all the time. I would draw monsters and comic book heroes and dumb jokes. one of my favorite things to draw was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I remember getting together with two of my older brothers and having a drawing club. We'd encourage and try to outdo one another. It was great! It started a life of observation and curiosity. I remember in fifth grade people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and even then I told people that I wanted to work in animation.

3. What’s it like to work for DreamWorks Animation?

I'm not going to lie, it's pretty awesome to get to work at DreamWorks! I am a story artist and that means I get a portion of the script and I draw out the storyboards for it. I work with the director and the other story artists to figure out the characters and visual storytelling of the movie. So first of all, I get to draw and focus on storytelling all day, but then, there are classes to help us learn and get better. And there are always fun activities going on to keep us happy and creative. All that + free lunch = great company to work for.

4. What advice would you give to kids about how to go after their dreams?

We live in a really cool world at a really cool time. This is the Age of Information and we can learn about things that your parents couldn’t have imagined. I would encourage anyone and everyone to explore what they are interested in and never stop learning. Never give up. Failures are the best teachers. You’ll be frustrated from time to time, but keep going. Good things happen when we stay strong.

Thanks again, Mr. Harmon! You can click here to see more of his cool work: http://www.glennart.blogspot.com/

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FranceTV visits Mo in Memphis

A couple of weeks ago, a crew from FranceTv came to visit! It was so cool to have them visit and learn more about Mo's Bows. I posted the interview on my Facebook page, but there was a catch: It was in French! The translation is below, just in case you aren't bilingual.

France 2 - French Television Our meeting with Mo, 12 years old, the youngest business owner in America

News anchor (Laurent Delahousse) - Today's portrait bring us to the US with the amazing adventure of a young entrepreneur. His age, listen up, is 13 years old! Good evening Jacques Cardoze, you will make us discover the story of this young prodigy.

Live Shot (Jacques Cardoze, Reporter) - Yes it's a great story, a success story as people say in the US. It's also what make us say that the US still retain this incredible capacity to highlight and encourage young talents, anybody with a good idea. This guy had his good idea when he wasn't even 8 years old, he is now 12, 4 years that he's been the youngest business owner in the country. We met him. With Regis Massini. Here is our news feature story.

This is not your average student's knapsack that this young boy is carrying but the suitcase of a business owner. A business owner who hasn't yet reached the age of 13. Today, Mo is en route to one of the numerous stores that sells his bow ties.

SOT (Moziah Bridges, owner of Mo's Bows): I was very motivated, and I made my dream come true. This is one of my best sellers. I sell my bows in 12 stores across the south of the country.

A clothing line that carries his name "Mo's bows", means bow ties in English, a brand that is easy to remember for Americans and that came into existence 4 years ago in the United States. This boy is the inventor and designer of the brand, with a style that is unique.

SOT (Moziah Bridges, owner of Mo's Bows): I have flowers. Spring flowers.

He chooses the colors and the patterns.

Mo is currently gearing for graduation and wedding season, a key season in terms of sales. The store owner is excited to see what he has in line for her.

SOT (Glen Cash, sales manager, Oak Hall store): Anything he brings. This is good. So I never had an opportunity to meet a 12-year-old designer before. And he's good.

Mo is a little phenomenon in the US. He has already been on the cover of many fashion magazines. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, his 1930s style has a nostalgic appeal that lures in even the more famous television shows.

SOT (Steve Harvey, TV host): Well sir I normally just wear ties.

SOT (Moziah Bridges, owner of Mo's Bows): Well you should try something new this time. Because let me tell you something about bow ties. (laughs). Bow ties make you look good and they make you feel good.

At the beginning, everything started like a game. The little business was invented at home, Mo filled up suitcases with bow ties that he sewed himself on his grandma's sewing machine. Even today, he produces a portion of them. A game that became a business and a well-crafted partnership between son and mom.

SOT (Tramica Bridges, mother of Moziah Bridges): Mo is the boss of Mo's Bows. Mom is the boss of Mo (laughter). He says he never wants to work for anybody so we're looking into laying the groundwork for him to become an entrepreneur so he can create jobs for himself but for other people as well.

Once he is done with his studies, the business will have prospered. It already has more than $140,000 in yearly sales. Mo can also relax and play like any other kid his age [throws snowball].

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Crafty CEO

Being a CEO is hard work, but my mom makes sure to let me have kid time.

That's why a few days ago, she took me to a book making class here in Memphis. It was AWESOME! I love to write, so making my very own journal was extra special. Not only will I have a place for my thoughts and business ideas, it's something I made with my very own hands.

Now that....is shazaam.

What activities do you enjoy during your downtime?

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New York State of Mind and Mentorship

On Friday, my mom and I traveled to New York to meet with my mentor, Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

New York is one of my FAVORITE cities to visit. Aside from the great food, I love seeing so many different aspects of fashion.

While I was there, Daymond and I met at his office and discussed my future plans for Mo’s Bows. I can’t tell you anything just yet, but it’s definitely THE NEXT BIG THING!

A January visit was the perfect time to catch up with Daymond not only because it’s the first of the year, but also because it’s National Mentoring Month. I like to say that I was the real winner of Shark Tank because I got something more valuable than money. I got Daymond.

Having a mentor is important because I get to learn from the best of the best, and because he gives me insight on what the fashion world is really like.

If you’d like more info on tools and resources you can use to make an impact, check out the MentorMe blog. MentorMe was founded by Memphian Brit Fitzpatrick in an effort to help organizations use technology to make the most of mentoring. One day, I hope I can be as great of a mentor to someone else as Daymond has been to me.

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